Life is too short to be sad

The rain will stop,
If you climb to the top,
And sit on that cloud,
And take a look around

You're not only one,
To be having no fun,
Life is too short
To be so so sad.


I wish I lived on a cloud,
And the breeze would take,
me anywhere..
I could do whatever
I wanted to
skies would be fair
Stress would be thin as air
And I wouldn't have
a single care
I could open a book to take a look
and stick my yarn
in the hook

I'd be sooo freee...
Be soooo carefree......

just average

i'm not best not worst
or last or first
always in the middle
since my very birth
one to get the Bs
no valedictorian for me
some As came my way
but i'm just okay
a jack of all trades
a master of none
i tell it's not so fun
can't seem to find my niche
nothing under the sun
if i were on top chef
i wouldn't be number one
am just average at best
not noticeable from the rest
not skinny nor fat
i'm just not all that

your anything

i'll give up my values,
act like i have no clue,
compromise who i am,
push lower my bar,
not reach for the stars,
again feel all guilty,
just please marry me.
i'll cook and clean,
let you be mean,
go ahead push me round,
i'll just look down.
let me be with you,
make me black and blue,
please give me that ring.
i'll be your anything.

I am only rubber

You are only as happy as you say you are,
Cause who am I but someone afar,
If there is a hint of despair,
Then it's unhappiness in the air.
If you say he's the mr. right,
There is no reason to fight,
I'm not in the thick of it,
So I'll just watch and sit..

I am only rubber you are the glue
whatever you say bounces off of me
and comes right back to you ...

flies belong on manure

fly buzzing round your ear,
calling you honey calling you dear,
he wants to always be near,
his garlic breath makes you tear

flies belong on manure,
flies belong in the sewer,
they don't belong near you
they dont' belong with you.

loved to death

locked up like you are in prison,
no man's best friend to hand u a key,
alone and sad in utter misery,
anything that defines u, defines u no more,
peek out the window, but can't open the door,
what made you once smile, now lives only in memories